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Buy a lot or land

Buying a lot or land

You’ve been looking hard and think you found that perfect piece of land to build your dream home on.  What do you do next?  You call us!!  We are your best source to guide you in how to proceed before you put in an offer, and it doesn’t cost you anything

You may think it’s the perfect piece of land but there may be costly and heartbreaking issues with it that you don’t even realize. The cost of building on this property could be way beyond your budget capabilities or, in the worst-case scenario, you could be purchasing a lot or land that isn’t even buildable.

When you call us we go out and look at the property quickly, many times with our excavator/site man.  Between us, we try to give you our opinions if the lot is buildable and a rough idea of what it will cost to prepare the land for your new home.

Are there any utilities such as water, natural gas, public sewers, cable TV and internet?  If so, are there laterals to hook up to them ready on the site, or will you have to pay to have them installed?  Sometimes the costs of the laterals can be in the thousands of dollars, but still may be less expensive than the alternatives of wells and septic systems.   The extra costs of any of these items might throw you off your budget. 

Have you researched the property to see if there are any federal, state, or local wetlands on the site?   Maybe you have looked at a counties online wetlands map, but don’t assume that the information you see there is 100% accurate.  Only a surveyor can give you that information and many times we may be able to get that information if the surveyor has been working in the area. Is the lot heavily wooded?  Have you considered the cost of clearing and hauling away the brush?

Are there deed restrictions to building on the lot or limits to building only on certain areas of the lot? If there are, is the lot still suitable for what your future plans are for the property?

Keep in mind that just because a lot is in an older established development and is listed as a building lot, doesn’t mean that it’s buildable, or inexpensive to build on.  Some building lots were heavily filled in during the development process.  To build on a lot you need to put footers for the home on the virgin ground which is below all the fill.  The cost of a foundation in this situation could skyrocket.  If you see a lot in an older development that was never built on, there is usually a reason.

These questions and more need to be answered!  Call us when you find a piece of property, or better yet, call us before you start your property search.  We can give you an education on what to look for and how to proceed.  We don’t charge and there are no obligations on your part.  You deal directly with builders, no middlemen.  Remember, “At Martin Custom Homes we’re just as friendly after the build, as we are in the beginning.”