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The Parade of Homes 2021 is now over.  Look for The parade 2021 page to be updated soon. 
The Parade of Homes 2021 is over and our clients have moved in.  We have now updated the Parade of Homes 2021 page.  You can follow links to our Parade Home, “The Nolan Ford” where you can see the floor plan, dozens of photos, and more. The links are also there for a list of the paint color information by room and also the vendors, suppliers, and artists that participated in, or contributed to, our Parade Home this year.   Thank you to the thousands of folks who visited this year.  It was great to see you all again!
  You can also see photos and lots of other information from all our previous Parade of Homes Entries from 2011-2021.  If you prefer, click here to go directly to the Parade of Homes 2021 page.

Interest rates – Still very low!  
Interest rates on 30-year mortgage loans with 10% down and no PMI are now around 3.25%+/-.  The rates did creep up for a couple of weeks to 3.75% but have come back down.   It looks like they will hover in the 3.25% to 3.5% for the rest of its year, but that could change if any major events take place.  It’s a great time to build a home!  Just letting you know that lenders will not accept an application for a mortgage or give an interest rate lock unless you have a set of home plans and a contract with a builder.  Present your plans and contract to the bank and you will lock in at that day’s rate.  The planning portion is easy with no outlay of money until you’re ready to go to the architect.   Give us a call and we can tell you about the process and what you need to do to make it happen! 

Building Material Prices   
Lumber prices had skyrocketed earlier this year, some items to 400% over what they were a year ago. The good news is that as of October 2021, lumber prices have receded almost back to 2020 prices levels.  The bad news is that all the other materials from sheetrock, roofing, siding, cabinetry, paint, etc. have all increased 20% t0 40%. The question remains, “Should you hold off building while waiting for material prices to come down?” Do you gamble that interest rates won’t go up during the waiting period? If you have a house to sell, it’s a hot seller’s market right now, but it is starting to show signs that it’s starting to cool down.  If you wait, will you be able to find the lot you want?  There are a lot of questions.   Give us a call and we can discuss the options that you have and what might work best for you. Be careful if someone is giving you a lowball quote for a house based on old material cost pricing and then putting an escalation clause in the contract for you to cover the cost differences.  An escalation clause is not a totally bad thing, for price increases that are unforeseen, but you need to know that the base prices are current when you sign the contract. 

Thinking of building? Want to know how? Now is a great time to learn, plan and design a new home with us, virtually!
If you have been thinking about possibly building a new home or want to know if you can, now is a great time to do it!  In person or VIRTUALLY!  You can speak to us from the comfort of your home via your computer or iPad!  We have many plans and photos here on the website, but we have many, many more plans and photos that are made available to you in a in person meetings.  We can also share and discuss them with you in a virtual meeting.  Some of the plans on this site have also been built in several different configurations and one of those may interest you.  We can also plan a totally new design.  Give us a call at (315)374-4531 and we can schedule a time for an in person meeting or a virtual meeting which is simple to do.  Get ready now before interest rates go up! 

Thinking of moving a little farther west!
More and more people are looking to move to the Auburn and Elbridge areas.  There are some nice developments in Elbridge which you can call us about, but we just found a real nice neighborhood in Auburn where lots are large and some have a view of Owasco Lake!  These lots have all utilities and very reasonable lot prices!  Some are even walk-out or daylight windowed basement capabilities!  Check out the “Keystone” neighborhood in our communities section under “Where to Build”.  We even have some photos for you!

"We're just as friendly after the build, as we are in the beginning!"

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The Martins

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