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The Martin Custom Homes Difference

What separates Martin Custom Homes from the other builders? Call it old school if you like, but at Martin Custom Homes we feel that certain features shouldn’t cost extra. Attention to detail although hidden from sight behind walls is just as, or more important than features that are readily visible... Here are some building practices that separate MCH from other builders.

Microwave Oven / Range Hoods Vented to the Outside Our microwave oven / range hoods are vented to the outside. Non vented models may not exhaust steam, smoke or odors.

Cabinets Securely Installed We install blocking in between wall studs behind kitchen cabinets and other hanging cabinets. This allows us to securely fasten wall cabinets to walls and each other.

Truss Bracing at Gable Ends to Eliminate Wavy Looking Siding Some house designs have steep roofs (especially ranch style) with large gables. We securely brace these gables to prevent twisting of roof sheathing and siding.

Upgraded Basement Stairs We take into consideration that our customers may in the future finish their basements. We install carpet grade staircases to the basement area with this in mind.

Bedroom Ceiling Lights Each bedroom is wired for a switched ceiling light - not a switched outlet. You may also choose two other locations in your home for ceiling fans, which will include wiring and installation. Fans and lights will be controlled by wall switches.

More Electrical Outlets MCH will ask for your input in placement of electrical outlets. Although we install more than the usual allotment required by code, additional outlets may be added at the customers request for a minimal charge.

More Basement and Garage Lights We install more than the required amount of light fixtures in garages and basements. Our ceramic light fixtures in these key areas include outlets.

Dimmer Switches Lights in key areas such as bedrooms, dining rooms and eating areas include dimmer switches at no extra cost.

Upgraded Windows All our windows and sliding doors are Low “E” rated and also argon gas filled. That translates to lower heating bills and a more comfortable home.

Superior Basement Waterproofing After your basement walls are fully constructed and prior to back filling, we coat the outside walls with a waterproofing parge and then coat the parge with waterproofing membrane. Only one method is required but using both methods helps to prevent water penetration.

Footer Drains We install interior and exterior footer drains around every home we build. This also helps to keep your basement dry.

2 x 6 Framing Our standard exterior wall framing is 2x6 with R-19 insulation. We insulate to an R-38 rating in the attic area.

Roofing – Ice and Water Shield Code requires the installation of an ice and water shield to be a minimum of 3’ from your eaves. MCH installs 6’ for additional protection.

All of the items above are labor intensive and/or have a cost factor; however, in an effort to make your home an enjoyable and worry free place to live, these items have become standard features with every Martin Custom Home.

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